Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big boobs, no waist

I guess the hormone shots are determined to turn me into a voluptuous lady (I use that term instead of other less pleasant ones like bulky or top heavy).

I've always had nice sized boomas, as my son calls them, ranging somewhere between a C and D. But now, my D cups runneth over. And they hurt, a lot.

At the same time, without noticing, my waist disappeared. Poof! Nothing! I tried to balance a laundry basket on my hip and nothing to wedge it waist has moved out to meet my hips and they seem happy to see one another.

My IUI went well last week. Same deal as before--they used an ultrasound to guide and we could see the sperm going in and hanging around. They seemed to be just sitting there, slowing spreading outward. I would have liked a little more action, you know, a bunch heads to the right, some others to the left, then a strong middle to make sure an egg couldn't make a break for it. Am I thinking about the inside of my uterus again???

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  1. Enjoy that voluptuous body! It's only going to get even more curvy, right??? I hope this IUI is it for you!!!

  2. Were your boomas big in 7th grade??

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