Friday, April 9, 2010

I got eggs!

Remember that commercial a few years ago about eating eggs where they sang "I got eggs, from my head down to my legs". That's what I feel like singing since my ultrasound yesterday-- I have four follies ready to go. The biggest is 23 and I also have a 15 and two 12s. My estrogen is still low but my progesterone was up, showing that I'm getting ready to ovulate. So my RE told me to take the HCG trigger as soon as I got home yesterday and I'm now back at the clinic waiting for my sperm to thaw for today's IUI.

Today is day 13, which I like because I've always been inseminated on day 14 or later depending on when my surge was. I've always thought it was a better idea to do it right before so the sperm is there first ready to greet the egg/eggs when they come out. I've personified the whole process a bit too much but I like to imagine a little party going on in my uterus as the sperm and egg meet up and come together. Like a frat social without all the booze and arm punches.

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  1. I love the image of the party! Picture all the boys, hanging out, thinking they're cool, then in walks a beautiful egg... Oh how they start swarming around her, checking her out, trying to be the first one to ask her to dance. Finally one wins, and he starts dancing with the egg! All the rest of the boys are disappointed, but then they turn around, and here comes another gorgeous egg!!!

  2. Yay!! Thinking of you!! We shall wait together after our IUIs!

  3. Love the updates. I have now personified this whole thing in my head way too much for my own good...I've got a whole conversation mapped out.
    And "waiting for my sperm to thaw" is my favorite line of the whole entry...