Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My cycle could be in the crapper

My estradiol level on Monday, day 3 of stims, was 186, which is normal range. Today level was 548, which is very good. The problem is, I have two follicles that went off the grid and swelled up to 2 cm. 2 cm! Each! That's the size they like when it's time to retrieve. Having them reach that size ten days before retrieval could be a problem because 1) they could ovulate on their own, trashing the whole cycle 2) the other follicles may not catch up in time.

Tonight I did an injection of ganirelix, which should stop an LH surge from happening so I won't ovulate. I'm still take 300 of HMG and will do this with the ganirelix tomorrow night as well. Another doctor appt, this time at the mothership 90 minutes away, on Friday for blood work and an ultrasound and what may turn out to be "the talk" about cancelling this cycle is my other follicles don't step it up.

How mad am I going to be if I have to cancel this cycle, go back on the pill, and buy more meds?!@


  1. Oh no oh no oh no!!! I will pray that the ganirelix keeps those two big follies in check. Is your doc reducing your IUs?

  2. No no no no!! Omg, I am so hoping they can keep this cycle going! Please keep us updated, and I will be thinking of you and crossing my fingers.

  3. Oh no! Please please let that ganirelix work its magic. Definitely don't want to cancel the cycle!!!

  4. Ugh, I am sorry! I am anxious as I overstim so easily (hail mary cyce before IVF)...I wish you luck!