Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Period? Period.

I haven't had a period since December 23 and have been on BCP continuously to prevent my endometriosis from getting worse and to keep my cycle regular. I took my last pill on Sunday, expecting to get a period on Monday. Instead, I just got a lot of cramps and some light spotting. It seemed like my uterus was angry for being shut down for so long and it had some things to say.
Tuesday was the same thing, no real flow but cramps. I went to my doctor today and finally could say that this is day one. Good stuff is going on, if you can look at it like that.
I'll update more on the teaching visit later, I'm still taking it all in. But I'm excited about the overall process and can't believe that I could be pregnant by the end of the month, if I'm very very lucky/

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  1. I hope it works Holly!!! Will be sending good fertile thoughts your way!!! xoxo