Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Box of Meds from Londom

My shipment of fertility drugs made it to my doorstep yesterday. The trip from London took longer than I expected and I was starting to get concerned. USPS tracking showed the box had arrived at New York on February 16 but it was just sitting there. Finally, it got cleared from customs and made it.

I wasn't sure how it would arrive and with all the snow we've had, I hate to think that my package could have just been sitting out in the snow.

But instead, the nice mail lady brought it right to my door and I had to sign for it.

So now I have a few dozen glass ampules of Repronex and four boxes of HCG. I get to drag it all to my fertility clinic sometime this week once my period starts and they'll give me a teaching lesson on how to do all of this.

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