Monday, March 15, 2010

No rest for the infertile

Since I knew my insemination would happen sometime this week, I planned to go to bed early every night so I was well rested. Around noon today, I bought a relaxing candle and a great book and expected to be in bed at 9 and asleep at 10:30. I've always had insomnia, so 10:30 is a big step for me.

Then I got a call from my REs office saying that the IUI would be on Wednesday and I should take the HcG trigger shot tonight at 11pm. There goes that plan.

My ridiculously painful ultrasound today showed one awesome follie on the left side and two smaller ones on the right that may also release. My estradiol level is now around 260, not great but a lot better than it was.

Tomorrow I rest. No shots, no IUI. Then Wednesday morning I have an ultrasound at the official fertility clinic followed by the IUI. I'll be trying to conceive a leprechaun since the procedure is on St Pattys Day.

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  1. How exciting that you're ready to trigger tonight! I love the idea of conceiving a leprechaun - make sure you wear some green socks or something to have the luck of the Irish on your side!

  2. Here from stirrup queen's lushary...wanted to wish all the luck o the irish for tomorrow's IUI!! Here's hoping it's a good combination of luck of the irish and lucky #7! Best wishes.