Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good news and less-than-good news

My ultrasound on Tuesday was fantastic from a results standpoint. Apparently, I have a very tilted uterus, which makes it difficult to get clear images. My left ovary was hiding, as it has in the past, and the only way to see it clearly was by jamming the wand back and forth while I pressed on my stomach. I felt like I'd delivered a very small child by the end of it, but it paid off: I have five follicles developing on the left and three on the right. Only a few of these will continue to mature, but eight is a good number to start with in the hopes of having 2-3 by the time I ovulate.

In less-than-pleasant news, my blood test wasn't great. My estradiol level was only 26 when it should be around 200. This may be due to the medicine screw up. It doesn't rule out this month, but it's a concern. I have another ultrasound and blood work tomorrow, which will hopefully show a higher estradiol level since I've now been taking the right dose of HMG since Monday.

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  1. Congrats on the follies! And here's hoping that estradiol will increase appropriately - I bet it will after the meds change.