Sunday, March 7, 2010

Glass bottles from hell

So below, you can see one of the glass vials that the medicine comes in. For each shot, we have to open two of these vials by snapping them at the neck, right where that white line is. But because the vials are so small, it's hard to get just the right amount of pressure to make them snap easily. Most of the time, we end up breaking at least one of the vials and get little shards of glass in the vial and on the table. We haven't lost any medicine since the break happens above the wide space, but it's pretty nerve wracking all the same.

I'm very thankful for the medicine and how inexpensive it was from London, but come on, Brits, get in the game. Move up to the 20th century and start putting medicine in plastic vials with rubber tops. This glass-breaking nonsense is for the birds.


  1. Oh that's terrible? It's not like the UK is some third world country! Hang in there - and get that little one to help you, it's practice for being a big brother!

  2. Hang in there Sister Holly !


  3. I'm going to need to go back and reread what is going on and why you are now importing dangerous medicine!