Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Egg retrieval

So, first of That really hurt. I don't know if they didn't give me enough meds or what, but I was wide awake the whole time and felt everything. Thirty-six hours later, it still hurts to laugh or sneeze.

The good news was that I had 16 follies. Bad news is that only eight had fully developed eggs. Of those eight, they were able to do ICSI on five, four fertilized, and three made it to 2pns. The fourth had 3pns so that guy doesn't count.

I only have three embies, which is better than none but still disappointed. I wanted to have some left over for frosties but that's not going to happen. If this round doesn't work, I'd have to stim all over again.

Transfer will be on Friday morning. I'm going to ask them to put all three in hoping that at least one will make it. There's no point in freezing just one since I wouldn't bother doing an IVF cycle with just one anyway.


  1. Mine was pretty bad, too. Stay hydrated! I am sorry you didn't get as many embies as you hoped...hopefully the ones you got are good and sticky. Will be thinking of you tomorrow morning. I am still waiting to hear if mine is today or tomorrow!

  2. Three embies is great!!! Sending some great thoughts over to your embies - grow babies grow!!!

  3. That's really awesome. I am amused by the lingo...follies, embies, frosties...but whichever way you look at it, you could have triplets, and that's awesome!